Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter Review

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter Review

Apollo Ghost Review

by Kate Martin

Auckland’s latest lockdown provided me with the perfect opportunity to test out the Apollo Ghost electric kick scooter and see if it lived up to being an “all-new masterpiece of innovation.” The revolutionary Apollo Ghost is easily one of the fastest electric scooters on the market at this price point, apparently reaching top speeds of 60km/h when on off-road or private property… I could not wait to try it out for myself!

The Ghost is one of several high performance scooters Apollo has introduced this year and brings a new dimension of power and suspension. It has a powerful presence with a beefy front swing-arm suspension system and ultra-wide tires, looking like something straight out of a James Bond film. I can confidently say the Apollo Ghost is the best scooter I have ridden to date.

the Apollo Ghost is the best scooter I have ridden to date

Taking advantage of my coastal location in East Auckland I set off for a beach-hopping, e-scooter adventure to put this beast to the test. Where I live the terrain isn’t exactly super smooth but the Apollo Ghost seemed to glide over the rough footpath. The advanced suspension design made this scooter a dream ride, handling rough surfaces and bumps with absolute ease. Along with the state-of-the-art suspension, the sturdy reinforced stem and neck gave me a strong sense of security, stability and safety.

Handling this scooter could not have been easier and I could tell the rider’s comfort had been keenly considered by Apollo. Tight corners were no problem for the Ghost, cruising at constant speeds effortlessly, flying up inclines and holding a stable position. I had not yet even put this e-scooter to the ultimate speed test but was already loving it!

Power is an understatement when it comes to this scooter. Two high-efficiency brushless motors (on both the front & rear wheels) power this machine, which results in a total output of 1600W of rated power. It felt like being on Superman Escape at Movie World!

To cruise at a comfortable speed, I mainly utilized the single motor mode, only changing into double motor mode when I wanted a big boost or to zoom along an open bit of road. I found that this was really useful because when I didn’t need the power I just used Single Motor mode, which made the scooter much more manageable, and when I needed some extra power to go up hills it was awesome having the Dual Motor mode. Given the large foot platform, I felt an added level of safety that allowed me to confidently travel at high speeds.

a uniquely versatile scooter capable of handling city, trail and hybrid environments

The quick fold feature of the Apollo Ghost, and its forged aluminium body, means this scooter can be easily transported and carried without any unnecessary weight. The compact nature of the Apollo Ghost would make this the perfect commuter solution and ideal for trips on the ferry to Waiheke. I am confident the scooter would handle Waiheke’s uneven, gravel roads with ease due to the suspension, strength and stability, and with the hilly terrain… that’s where the dual motors would come into their own.

The custom-designed tires are very wide, and air filled for greater shock-absorption, grip and control, which makes it a uniquely versatile scooter capable of handling city, trail and hybrid environments, with no problem conquering steep hills.

While it has power to burn, I do really like how you can go to single motor mode and dial back the power when needed, or around people – which then turns the Apollo Ghost into an everyday commuter scooter.

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