Boogie Board E-Writer Month is here - enjoy some great savings right now

Boogie Board E-Writer Month is here - enjoy some great savings right now

For the entire month of August, here at Tech Outlet we are running a very special event around Boogie Board - the largest E-Writer brand in the world!


Boogie Board has great E-Writers both for the children and also adults, from the super popular Magic Sketch and Play'n'Trace, to the "Made for business" Sync and Blackboard - which allow users to connect their E-Writer easily to their phone, to all record all notes digitally using the Phone APP.

The Great thing about the Boogie Boards for Children is that once they have completed their doodle, or game, or traced drawing - they simply push the button to clear the screen & start all over again!

The Play'n' Trace is the coolest traceable E-Writer that lets you use it either with the stencils provided, OR trace using your own drawings and iamges, OR buy additional themed packs like "Sea Life", "Space Adventure", and "Princes Dream".  The Eazel style shape makes it easy for little fingers to carry and handle!

The Jot 4.5 is a small E-Writer perfect for trips in the car with kids, to keep the  occupied for hours, playing games like Naughts and Crosses, Drawing and doodling. it's small and compact and doesn't use any LCD Tablet technology so they won't be starting at a bright screen for hours.




For the Adults, Boogie Board as the Sync, which is a smart E-Writer that lets you take notes on the ultra slim writing surface.  As soon as the user hits "Save" that page of notes is instantly recorded both on the device and also sent through to your smart phone to the Downloaded Boogie Board APP.  It's a great product to take into meetings, into lectures or classes if you are a student, or anything in between!

boogie Board sync

Right now, right across the Boogie Board range we are offering 30% off - so this is the best time to buy these great products! For more information please CLICK HERE


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