Christmas Gift Ideas “For Him”

Christmas Gift Ideas “For Him”

With Christmas approaching, it can be stressful to figure out what to gift your special someone.

First you have to decide what to gift, then you have to figure out which stores sell this item. When you’ve done all this, you now have to make your way through crowded shopping malls to buy it.

But if you know that the person you’re gifting is a fan of tech gadgets, then you’ll love this list we’ve put together – a Christmas gift list “For Him.”

Here are 5 tech gadget gift ideas to show your appreciation for your significant other this Christmas.


1. X-Rocker Vibe

If your significant other (SO) is a gamer, he’ll love the X-Rocker Vibe. It’s an extremely comfortable gaming chair with built-in Bluetooth Speakers.

Not only this, but the 3 Motor Vibration feature will add improved immersion for his gaming sessions. He’ll be able to feel every gunshot, explosion and rumble!

It’s also great for watching Netflix movie marathons and staying cool at the same time during summer because of the 2 ventilation holes and meshed covering.

Overall, the X-Rocker Vibe is a gift any gamer will love!

Learn more about the X-Rocker Vibe here.


2. Helimax HOVER Sky Phantom Auto Hover WIFI FPV

Deep inside, all men are still just boys and boys love Remote-Controlled toys. That’s why the #2 spot on our gift list goes to the Helimax Sky Phantom Drone.

It boasts a 2 Megapixel mini-camera to take aerial shots and is easy to control.

The Sky Phantom is a great little drone for flying outdoors during this Christmas Summer and you can learn more about it here.



3. Liquid Image Hydra 305 diving camera mask (720p) Green

The Hydra Series diving camera mask allows you to go diving outdoors with a built in underwater camera.

There are plenty of guided diving courses around New Zealand and this gadget lets you record 720p video while underwater.

You can think of it as a hands-free “GoPro” that works underwater.

So if your SO is a fan of outdoor activity, the Hydra diving camera mask is a great choice as a Christmas gift.

You can learn more about the Liquid Image Hydra 305 mask here


4. Xiaoyi 4K Action Camera

If you’re planning to travel these holidays, you’ll need a great camera to capture those priceless memories.

That’s where the Xiaoyi Action Camera comes in. It’s been touted as a great, affordable alternative to the GoPro Hero series and lives up to the hype.

The Xiaoyi Action Camera can take high-quality photos at 12-megapixels and videos up to 4K at 30fps and 720p at 240fps. This means you’ll have smoother, high-resolution videos to capture your best moments.

It also automatically detects low-light and adjusts settings accordingly so you don’t need to be a camera whizz to operate it.

So why not take the Xiaoyi Action Camera and go travelling with your SO?

Xoopar 5" Glowboy Bluetooth Speaker Grey

5. Xoopar 5″ Bluetooth Speaker

The final addition to our list is the Xoopar 5” Bluetooth Speaker – perfect for watching your favourite TV shows indoors. You can connect your tablet or iPad to this speaker via Bluetooth and watch videos/movies with great audio quality.

It also makes a great gift if your SO is a fan of music because of its rich bass.

With the Xoopar, you no longer need to use your car’s low-quality stereo system for music. Just connect the smartphone to the Xoopar via Bluetooth and start playing your songs while driving.

Learn more about the Xoopar 5″ Bluetooth Speaker here.

Lastly, we’d like to give you a special gift for Christmas…

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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