Clugs - the world's smallest Bicycle Stand!

Clugs - the world's smallest Bicycle Stand!

In case you didn't know already, Tech Outlet carries the full line-up of the very popular CLUG Bicycle & E-Bike Stand range.

CLUG is called "The World's smallest Bike Stand" for a good reason.  This small device can be easily & quickly mounted to any wall around your home, either indoors or outdoors.  It's particularly good when you have limited space OR you have multiple bikes & need to store them all in some way.

CLUG can either be mounted horizontally meaning that you can simply wheel the bike upto the wall, and gently push the tyre into the CLUG.  The Bike will remain securely fixed into the CLUG.  The other option is to mount the CLUG at height, so that the bike stands on its rear wheel against the wall.  The Image below explains it well,

Importantly - all bicycle wheel sizes are different & CLUG caters for this with a range of difference CLUG sizes and types - depending on your Bike, from the "Roadie" - for Road Bikes, to "MTB" for Moutain Bikes - right upto "PLUS XXL" for the Fat Tyre Style Bikes.

Mountain Bikers really love the CLUG as after a long day outside on the track, they can Clip their bike quickly into a CLUG Mounted on an outside wall, fence, or building and give it a good wash down to remove all the dirt and mud.

The CLUG also works well for Cyclists who live this the city as because CLUG is so small & inconspicuous they can now stand their bike upright inside their apartment against a wall.  They have easy access to their bike PLUS the bike also makes are great centerpiece for their apartment! 

CLUGs are available right now on our website: CLUG

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