Hands-free video calls (& Zooming) using Xoopar 5" X5 Speaker & Microphone

Hands-free video calls (& Zooming) using Xoopar 5" X5 Speaker & Microphone

Right now, during Lockdown it is really important that people can stay in contact, and stay connected with each other, both across New Zealand and also globally & luckily these days we have the technology!

Of course this is important for work, so that even during lockdown business can still happen, teams can meet & deals can get signed.  BUT just as importantly being able to use this technology also gives grandparents the ability to see & talk to their grandchildren, siblings can interact & even "Virtual Parties" to happen with groups of five or more!  Have tried it & its a lot of fun!

Being in Lockdown has caused many regular practices to change quite quickly, and some may now have changed forever (even after Lockdown is over) - like increased online shopping (for convenience), and Zoom meetings being part of everyday life.  Even "working from home" or "remote offices" might now become the norm rather than an exception.

This means having a really good system for conference calling others - simple & effective.  This is where the Xoopar 5" Boy Speaker shines, he delivers great audio performance but also at the same time he is fun!  He easily connects up in seconds to your phone or computer (via Bluetooth).  Then not only does he create exceptionally good voice replication through its high-performance speakers, but also has a built in quality microphone, making it easy to pick up every part of your speech and broadcast it in high audio definition.

He is also available in six exciting colours (if Black is not your thing): Green, Grey, Black, Orange, and Pink, and once you have finished your work for the day, you can kick back and listen to some music.  You can even pair two Xoopar Boy 5" speakers together for real stereo sound & oh did i mention - Xoopar Boy actually even glows to the music if you want him too!

You can own your very own Xoopar Boy 5" Speaker by following this link: https://techoutlet.co.nz/products/xoopar-5-glowboy-bluetooth-speaker-mint?_pos=1&_sid=4f6ec6e6e&_ss=r

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