How an E-Writer can make a BIG difference for you at School your University in 2023?

How an E-Writer can make a BIG difference for you at School your University in 2023?

2023 is the year that Technology fully comes into the classroom or Lecture Theatre

Students taking down notes on Paper and traditional notepads using a pen is old school and not very efficient when you can do it digitally.

There are some massive benefits from doing so:

Record your Notes on your Phone APP

Firstly, your notes can now be digitally recorded.  Both the Max Eye Pad and the Boogie Board Sync both allow you to record your notes on the APP on your Phone.This means that you can save your notes in folders, either on your phone or on your computer & always come back to them if you ever need to.

No Longer will you lose paper notes, and wonder where you wrote down that important point or diagram when it comes time to study, as everything is digitally recorded!


Digital E Writer

Slim and Professional Form Factor of the Boogie Board Sync

Secondly, if you are using something like the the Boogie Board Sync, the form factor is ultra slim.  You can literally walk into your class with a digital notepad that is literally 10mm thick!



Writing on a Boogie Board Sync or Max Eye Smart Pad feels just like writing on Paper!

Thirdly, the Sync is designed to mimic the "feel" of writing on paper, meaning that there is some slight resistance when you run the included pen Over the surface, which is completely different to the un-natural feel you get when writing with a pen on a tablet or phone screen.  Put simply - using and writing on the Boogie Board Sync "Just feels right".
Comparing this to the Max Eye - well in that case you ARE writing on a Pad.  The Max Eye ACTUALLY uses a REAL Paper Notepad, and also a special Ink-based Pen.  The Magic with the Max Eye is that it WILL actually allow you to digitally record your notes digitally on the Android APP - so you get the best of both worlds, the ability to actually write on a real notepad, but at the same time have those same notes recorded on the phone APP!

Using an E-Writer Helps Support a more sustainable future

Fourth, by Using a Boogie Board Sync or Max Eye Smart Pad you are supporting a sustainable future for the Earth, whereby we are reducing your paper usage and wastage, and therefore helping to reduce world's reliance on Logging and cutting down trees.  It might seem small but over a two year period the average student uses the equivalent of a Kauri Tree's worth of Paper!  So you can see how it can help save our planet if we all work together!

If you want to learn more about the Boogie Board Sync you can find more information HERE.

If you want to learn more about the Max Eye Smart Pad you can find more information HERE.


Here is a quick video showing the Amazing Max Eye Smart Pad in action:

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