HUGE Savings on our Powerbanks!

HUGE Savings on our Powerbanks!

We currently have some big savings on all our Powerbanks within our webstore.

These are great for traveling. Phones & tablets these days burn through so much battery & no-one wants to be caught out with a dead phone at any time.

Now that Christmas is getting closer - now is the time to look for a good quality Powerbank to make sure your Smart Phone doesn't run out of juice.

All the Powerbanks we have are of really good quality & some even have the ability to suction onto the back of your phone (Xoopar models) - this is a brilliant way to keep the phone & powerbank together.  

The great Powerbank accessory called the "Octopus" has all the phone connectors you will need including USB, Type C, Micro USB, and Apple Lightening - meaning you can connect up no matter what phone you have.


We also have the Water Resistant & Impact Resistant Power bank on a special deal also.  This is great if you are going to be outdoors as it is made to stand up to New Zealand's outdo

or environment.  As a bonus it also comes with a built-in Powerful Light in case you need it.

Take a look at our specials deals on Powerbanks right now on our website: Powerbanks

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