Introducing The Weekender Multi Phone charger & Powerbank

Introducing The Weekender Multi Phone charger & Powerbank

This is a great little device that really combines two things in one.

Firstly, it is a multi phone charging cable.  This means that no matter what phone you have & what connection the phone has (Apple Lightening, Type-C, or Micro-USB) you ALWAYS have a phone connection to plug into when you want to charge using any standard USB plug.

Secondly the Weekender also combines the connection cable above, with a powerful 5000 MAh Powerbank, which gives you enough power for a large screen Iphone, Samsung or even a tablet - meaning that now you will never be caught without phone power again!  As an extra (really functional feature) Xoopar have given the powerbank a suction cup on one side, this is great in that the powerbank actually sticks on the back of your phone without any effort - its a brilliant idea!

Finally as an extra touch - Xoopar has made the centre part of the charging cable GLOWING, so that whenever the phone is charging, you get this amazing glow (in the colour of which ever Weekender you have chosen).  There is really nothing quite like the Weekender on the market from anyone else - so this is really unique!

 If you want to know more about the Xoopar Weekender or want to order one - go to our website page here:




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