Looking for a Commuter Scooter? What are the important things to look for?

Looking for a Commuter Scooter? What are the important things to look for?

Here at Tech Outlet we understand scooters very well & have a very good range of quality electric scooters from a range of good manufacturers including Inokim, Apollo, and Segway.  These are all  designed to:

  • Take you to and from work (or getting you from Public transport to home - also called "the last mile"
  • Take you to and from school or University
  • Perhaps up to the shops and back

Good Build Quality is important to a Commuter Scooter

To make a really good commuter scooter it's important that the scooter is robust and has good quality components, as people will be relying on the scooter for daily use.  All of the models that we stock are global brands also have local support & parts availability here in New Zealand, so this makes a big difference knowing that you can get after sales help if you need it!

Commuter Scooters should be Compact and Lightweight

Secondly it's also important that a commuter scooter is relatively light-weight & compact when folded so that it's easy to put in and out of a vehicle or perhaps public transport.  The whole idea is to make your commute to work or school as care free as possible, particularly once you get to work - so a good folding mechanism and lightweight design makes all the difference.

Commuter Scooters need enough power to climb rises and hills

Thirdly because many parts of New Zealand are quite hilly, it's good to have a scooter that has enough power to get up hills or correspondingly is able to pull away from possible traffic incidents quickly if required.

Most people wanting commuter scooters aren't going out to get a high power scooter, or are needing one, so often around 350W are adequate for most people. One of the reasons for this is the higher the power generally the heavier and more bulky they are - defeating the whole purpose of the commuter scooter!

Suspension is good but it can come at a cost

Some commuter scooters come with suspension (either front or back or both).  this can be really good for smoothing out bumps during your ride, but bear in mind that this does generally come at a premium and good suspension electric scooter are all well over $1000.  This one really comes down to your budget.

We hope this article is helpful to you & If you want to look further at our full range of commuter electric scooters then more information on the range can be found by  Clicking here

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