New CADDX 4K mini Camera : Just Arrived!

New CADDX 4K mini Camera : Just Arrived!

We have just received stock of the exciting new CADDX Action Camera.

This action camera is mini & is very close in size to the GoPRO Session.  It shoots in 4K, and also 1080 in 120fps.  It uses a Sony Image Sensor so you know that the images and video are going to be good!

It has a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees & really importantly has Digital Electronic Stabilization built in, which is really important because whatever you use the Orca for - its going to get a lot of movement.  The Orca itself is built really though & is about the same size as the old GoPRO session model.

The camera itself is generally controlled with the downloadable APP & using WIFI to connect.  You can even stream the camera LIVE to your phone - so you can even see the action REAL-TIME.

What are some good uses of the Orca?  Anything that needs a good quality Camera while filming in the outdoors, Boating & Watersports, Action Sports including Mountain Biking, Skiing, Skateboarding, Electric Scooter use & more!

Get yours here now on our website: 4K Mini Action Camera

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