New Inflatable Lanterns - what are they?

New Inflatable Lanterns - what are they?

Camping & Outdoor LED Lanterns have been around now for many years - and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

So this week - we had something a little different come across our desks here & we were excited to try this new product out for ourselves.  This is the inflatable LED Lantern, and it has lots of benefits over the other hard plastic lanterns. For a start  - it comes "flat packed" and to start with it needs to be "blown up like a balloon" to enlarge the lantern to the correct size.  As you can imagine - this is great for trampers, hunters, & campers - where space in a packs or luggage is really at a premium.  Imagine being able to squash down your lantern - to no thicker than a mobile phone!  What a great idea!

So when you are setup at your campsite, you simply blow the lantern up - much like you would a regular balloon!  Its as simple as that.

There are a range of different models and designs available, from Solar Powered (which is great as you don't need any batteries & just use the Sun's energy), to AAA battery powered.  There are even some with seasonal designs & patterns which are great for outdoor dinner parties or Christmas functions.

For something else a little more different - there is even a inflatable GLOW speaker - which is even water resistant.  Initially when we first looked at this model - we thought it would be a gimmick with the cheap little speaker that would not handle any spray or water, so we were pleasantly surprised with the sound volume, lack of distortion, the speakers ability to handle water & also the bright colours that the speaker/lantern emits are really cool - and will take centre stage at any pool party!

inflatable lantern speaker

In summary - these new Inflatable lanterns really do provide some great additional benefits over traditional lanterns for campers, trampers, boaties and travelers this summer, and the quality we have found across all models - is really top-notch, so it is worth taking a look at these.   They are available from most New Zealand retailers right now, or you can find more information here:



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