New Machine Maker Educational Construction toys are now LIVE

New Machine Maker Educational Construction toys are now LIVE

We have just finished adding up the new Nikko Machine Maker toys to the website.  We are over the moon to have the Machine Maker range on board - we love them!

This is an exciting range of educational toys that are suitable for children 3 years and older.  This range is designed to let your child learn how to construct their favourite construction vehicle, Farm vehicle, Fire or Sanitation vehicle, or even a Space Vehicle!

Each machine Maker Kit comes with an oversized screw plastic screwdriver, and also large plastic screws (which won't fall out so your children won't lose them).  You child then learns to screw in the parts one by one to the vehicle.  These vehicles are made so even the smallest chidren should be able to put the cars together (perhaps with a little help from mum or dad).  

With many kits there is also a fun character to drive the vehicle once it is all together, and you get even more accessories when you buy a full set.


The Machine Maker kits are truly STEAM and Educational based, assisting with a child's fine motor skills, and also reasoning skills as you young one works out how to put the vehicle together.

Imagine the delight once it is all put together and they are ready to play!

Take a look now at the full range of Machine Maker Kits RIGHT HERE

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