New Padmate QUIET Earbuds with ANC are not instock!

New Padmate QUIET Earbuds with ANC are NOW in stock!

These High-end Earbuds are now in-stock.

We have been testing them out ourselves and we have to say these are the most value for money high performance earbuds that you will find anywhere.

If you are an avid Personal Audio Coinsure you will value the features that the QUIET's have, including Dual Chip Active Noise Cancellation, 10mm Driver, Titanium Composite Diaphragm, Upto -40dB Noise Cancellation, APP control & three on-board Microphones. 

Probably the stand-out feature is the high level of Noise Reduction with these Earbuds - and ANC is definitely what everyone is asking for when they go to purchase a pair.  The results do the taking and at -40dB this rates as one of the quietest pair of Earbuds out there - at whatever price (Apple Earpods PRO only block upto -35dB of noise!).  This is all made possible with multiple processing chips (including QUALCOM & AMS) so if you are on public transport, or just want to focus on your work while there is annoying ambient noise around you - then the Padmate QUIET's could be for you.

If you want to see a local review on these earbuds - then click here:

WitchDoctor Review of the Padmate Quiet Earbuds


& if you want to purchase a pair of these for yourself, we have a deal on them right now (13% off) - CLICK HERE: Padmate Quiet Earbuds

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