New Stick Tab Tablet Holder Review

New Stick Tab Tablet Holder Review

The Stick Tab is one of these accessories that just wouldn't have been invented before the era of the Tablet or Smart Phone, but now because Tablets & "Phablets" are becoming so main-stream and ubiquious to our everyday lifestyles - accessories such as the Stick Tab become increasingly important.

The Stick Tab is a smart little Tablet or Smart Phone holder which does a much better job of holding your large device than any other similar accessory on the market.  Probably the most well known accessory - the Pop socket does an OK job, however is better suited to small devices & phones and also does feel a bit flimsy as well.

The Stick Tab is far more of a purpose built device holder - and is designed with an ergonomic handle that is easy to hold onto for long periods of time.  The handle attaches to the rear of your tablet or device with industrial grade adhesive (it leaves not residue if the back plate needs to be removed from the back of the device).  The handle itself then screws onto this backplate.  What all this means is that the device itself is very reliable and solid - especially important if using the holder in an outdoor or physical environment, after all no-one wants to run the risk of dropping their precious tablet!

Another great feature is that the Stick Tab operates as a great device stand, if you don't need to grip the device in one hand, but instead need it to sit up on a flat surface so you can view the screen.

stick tab holder

The device itself is excellent for use around the home in everyday situations including DIY, watching Netflix or videos while in the Kitchen, plus many many other uses.  Interestingly the Stick Tab also has really good uses in a commercial or industrial work environment - given its reliable and tough build quality.

Probably the last feature of note is that the Stick Tab also has a built-in powerbank, which is really quite different from many other similar accessories on the market.  This means that if your device battery begins to get low - you simply plug it into the handle & you are good to go!


In summary, we think that this new tablet accessory really fits a gap in the market where a flimsy tablet holding device just won't cut it.   We think that it is versatile & well made.  This really makes the Stick Tab a product that is a must have for anyone out there who has a tablet or Phablet.  Currently the accessory is crowd-funding on Indiegogo & can be purchased right now for a discounted price of $19 (Early bird). 

Here is the link:

We will also be bringing you a full video review of the Stick Tab, very shortly - so stay tuned!


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