Running out of things to do with your children during Lockdown?  We have some answers!

Running out of things to do with your children during Lockdown? We have some answers!

One of the biggest issues that many parents are facing at the moment, is how to keep children occupied, particularly given the amount of time indoors that they are now facing.

Of course, once or twice a day kids are allowed to get out for some fresh air & a quick run around - as long as they don't interact with others and maintain their distance.  After a while though even this becomes difficult, especially with young children, who may not even understand WHY they need to be kept cooped up at home and aren't allowed to see their friends.

We we have come up with a solution that might really help with this.....  why not introduce your kids to Playsteam Educational Toys!  Not only will they have lots of fun building their new toy, but once it is built the child not only has a new toy to enjoy, but also with the included Booklet (which comes in a storybook format complete withe colour pictures) - can continue to read & learn about the science that is behind their project toy including science subjects like: Air Pressure, Growing Plants & the effects on Light & Oxygen on them, Converting wind energy into electrical energy, Creating symmetrical art and many others!

Importantly the Playsteam toys are all well designed build toy projects, built from the ground up to really attract & hold your child's attention for hours.

So why not try a Playsteam Project now - there are a number to choose from!

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