We are now stocking the amazing YOTO Children's Book Audio Reader

The amazing YOTO Children's Story Book Audio Reader is here!

The amazing YOTO Player is now instock at our New Zealand Warehouse right now!  We have been asked by our customers about this great product, so we now are carrying a limited supply.


YOTO is an Audio Player that allows you to play a huge number of Children's books titles from all around the World, from popular titles Life Grufello, to the Whimpy Kid Collection and so much more!

Check out this video to see YOTO in action:

Your child simply places the card associated with a particular story book, into the top of the YOTO Player, and an image comes up on the front of the player and the book begins to play.  They can either listen to the book as it is ready out by the story teller, OR If they have the book they can ready along at the same time.  There are controls that allow your child to listen to the entire story book, or they can control chapters and even the volume with the large orange buttons on the top of the Player - so its simply and easy to children to control the player by themselves!

You can purchase the YOTO Player from the Tech Outlet store either as a stand-alone player and get the audio book cards separately or get the player already bundled with your favourite storybook cards. You can even purchase more stories online by going to the YOTO Website & Logging in, there are hundreds of well know children's titles to choose from! Click the LINK HERE to learn more. 

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