Just arrived - a huge range of Toys & RC Cars for Christmas 2020

Just arrived - a huge range of Toys & RC Cars for Christmas 2020

If you are wondering what to get the kids for Christmas - here at Tech Outlet, we are now well stocked with brand new shipments of the latest toys for Christmas!

We are specialists Educational Toys, RC Cars, Robots, and all sorts of other Electronic Toys.  Many of our toys - you will not find anywhere else.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of really great toy gift ideas that we have for Christmas that have just arrived into our Auckland warehouse & are ready to ship right now.

The 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot is a super smart way to ignite your child's interest in building things, and then teach them to learning to code & programme their robot & WITHOUT the need for a phone or tablet.

There are five different Robots to learn to build & that's good - as it means children don't get bored once they have built the first robot, as the can build a different one, again and again.  Each robot design does something different - from a Drawing robot, to a weight lifting robot, to a goal scoring football robot, to even a basketball robot! 

You code the robot by simply placing the little placing the blocks into the robots centre wheel - to get it to do different tasks.  There are lots of youtube videos available from the manufacturer if your child gets stuck or if they want to build new things.

Available right now on our website for only $64.99: 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot


The Turbo Storm Stunt Car - is an amazing stunt vehicle that can do an amazing array of stunts, and is able to even change the direction of its wheels, so that it has an even more bizarre sense of movement:

Available and instock right now on our website for only $69.99: Turbo Storm Stunt Car
The K80 Drone - is one of the most advanced Toy Drones on the market at the moment & this means that it is super easy to fly!  It comes with a really good camera meaning that you can actually record your aerial photography adventures on Micro SD Card (not included).
The K80 has some great features like: Altitude hold, Headless mode, One button takeoff, removeable battery plus an ergonomic remote control for comfort when flying.
Available right now on our website for $249.99: K80 Camera Drone



 If you are looking for Robots for a Christmas gift - then you can't go past this adorable little Robot called "JIB JAB".  His amazing special power is that he can record your voice & play it back in one of three very funny cartoon style accents - "Cranky Monster", "Robo Chill", and "Mecha Fairy".  The Cool thing is, you can change the robots voice - just by scrolling through the different faces of the robot.  Kids can have hours of fun changing the robots faces & recording/playing back their own voices!

JIB JAB is available right now in our Auckland Warehouse for the very affordable price of $29!  Buy him now on our website: JIB JAB

Play'n'Trace is a cool Children's E-Writer toy that will let their creativity run wild!  It is a drawing pad - that is shaped like a painting Bezel.  It comes with a drawing tool that creates marks on the surface - similar to a pen. The surface is also transparent, and this is where things get exciting - as it comes in the pack with additional tracing templates, that allow children to practice their A,B,C's or trace their favourite movie character.  Because you can trace anything through the writing surface, the possibilities are endless!  Once done, you simply hit the erase button & start all over again - so NO Mess & NO need to waste paper, so Play'n'Trace is also very Eco Friendly.

Play'n'Trace is available to buy on our website right now for $89.99 : Play'n'Trace 

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