An introduction to Fitness Technology & Smart Rope

An introduction to Fitness Technology & Smart Rope

In the strange year that is 2020 - more people are turning to new ways to keep themselves fit & healthy.  We have seen some major lifestyle changes as people have been often locked in their homes for months on end.

So as New Zealand emerges from it's Lockdown into a stunning New Zealand summer - many now are changing their regular fitness regimes & gym habits that are unsurprisingly more home based.

At the same time, health & fitness technology is advancing in leaps & bounds, and have even introduced the term "wearables" or technology that is made to be worn somewhere on the body.

One of the most important things about fitness technology are the sensors that they include.  These sensors are both tiny & also very accurate & they are at the heart of what makes fitness wearables so useful.  Right away, even during your workout you can see how you are doing, how many reps you are doing, whether you are doing an activity correctly, and all the other statistics around your fitness activity.  This also acts as a really good motivational tool - if you can see how many reps, or running meters you did yesterday - then you have something to beat today.  If you put these sensors together with good software that can put all this data together in a simple & informative way to the user (ie. perhaps via an APP on your phone) - then you have a winning combination.  Companies like Apple, Garmin, and Fitbit do this very well.

It is also becoming increasingly obvious that from a consumer side - people are  wanting to take more control of their fitness & health information & are wanting this information available both during their workout & also later, PLUS they are wanting to work out & keep fit in their own homes & on their terms. 

At Tech Outlet we are right at the heart of the innovative fitness technology and provide several products that revolutionize the fitness technology market, including the Smart rope.

Smart Rope is an amazing product out of South Korea, it is based around the age old fitness device: the Jump rope, which provides an very good cardio workout.  What smart rope does - is add the technology.  It records your number of skips per workout, along with your calories burned. 

It then takes this information & allows you to do things like a) sharing your workout results via Social Media with your friends b) competing with others around the world, and c) lets you setup different training programmes yourself with the handy "Interval Training" APP function, which lets you set up your skip intervals & rest intervals. 

People find that the global competition with others using the smart rope around the world to be very addictive, as it actually places you in a rankings along with everyone else.

You can use Smart Rope in your own home, or your own space & in your own time. It's compact - so you can take it anywhere & it stores easily in your luggage.

Smart Rope Comes in three styles: Smart Rope Original, Smart Rope PURE, and Smart Rope Rookie.  The PURE is the most popular & Rookie is the new entry level model.  Importantly allows you to adjust the rope length when you first purchase the rope - to match your height.

You can purchase Smart Rope PURE right here on our website for $199 by clicking here: Smart rope PURE



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