What are the coolest gifts around this Christmas?

What are the coolest gifts around this Christmas?

We have put together a list of some of the coolest & most exciting gifts from Christmas 2018.

This year there are some really innovative & quirky things.  These are great for those that are really hard to buy for.  Our list that we have put together area also things that people are going to go WOW! when they open the christmas wrapping at Christmas time.

The first is the HENG Lamp.

Heng Lamp

This in-home LED Lamp fits right in with any modern home & decor either by the bed, or in the kitchen or living area.  The best thing about this lamp is the amazing design asthetic.  The switch itself are actually the magnetised balls - that seem to "float" in mid-air.  Simply seperate the balls to turn the light on & off.

Price on this one is $129 for the Black model & $149 for the wooden finish.

The second product is a really ingenious product called the Octopus Chord - and quite quickly you can understand why they call it this.  This nifty little accessory has a number of different PLUG connections on its "Octopus tentacles".  From Standard USB, to Apple Iphone Lightening connector, to Micro USB.  Infact it has every connector plug you could ever need there, so no matter what phone you want to charge up, or what laptop you want to connect your phone to - its super easy!

xoopar octopus cable

the Xoopar Octopus Cord retails for only $19.99


If you are wanting to buy for someone that is a bit of a fitness-freak in your circle of friends or family - then you can't look past the Picooc S3 Fitness Scales.   Pushing the limits of what sort of information that you can get - just by standing on the scales, these amazing scales will measure 11x different things about your body including: Muscle Mass, Fat around your Organs, Water %, and the list goes on.

picooc fitness scales
On Top of that, there is a really easy to use APP - and the beauty of this is that you can then track on a daily basis how well you are doing, for example with your water intake.  You might find that for example you don't drink enough water. the Scales & APP quickly pick this up & each day you use the scales, you can monitor how well you are doing in this area!

smart scales
The APP can connect with your phone via Bluetooth OR WIFI & from trying it ourselves, the phone and APP connects up simply and easily.

You can buy the Picooc S3 Smart Scales for $199

Thirdly if you are into Camping, boating or the outdoors this Kiwi Summer - then you have to check out this little Convertible Torch & Lantern.  It is simply brilliant in that it is small & compact, yet both gives you a good powered torch (90 Lumen) as well as this, you get a camping lantern - by simply extending the end of the torch!

led lantern
It's water resistant & impact resistant, plus it can be hung (say in tents or batches) or attached to large metal objects (as one end of the torch/lantern is even magnetised).
If you double-press the ON/OFF Button you actually get a Red Light & another press give you a flashing RED Light.  So this makes the torch/lantern a perfect safety light, that for example you can store in your glove box of your car & simply bring out & attach to your car - if you are ever in trouble on the road!

torch & lantern

takes normal AA batteries & is only $29.99 - this little torch/lantern should definitely be on your shopping list!


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