The TOP 5 HOTTEST Educational STEAM Toys for this Christmas 2020!

The TOP 5 HOTTEST Educational STEAM Toys for this Christmas 2020!

If you want to buy your children something really educational this Christmas, then we have put together a short list of the best & coolest toys designed to get children thinking & learning. 

These are the ones that are SUPER Popular & Trending right now with both kids & parents this Christmas.

The sizzling Christmas list (from 1-5) is as follows:

1) Boogie Board Magic Sketch

This children's E-Writer continues to be super popular.  It is basically an indestructable digital notepad with built-in colour change technology.

A wide variety of children's ages from 4 year and up, and is available in-stock right now on our webstore for only $69.99: Magic Sketch

2) Solar & Hydraulic Construction Kit

This is a build toy - which your child first has to put together.  There are some really good instructions & once the first toy is put together the child can these watch the toy mechanically move using Solar Power.  One of the great things about this toy, is that once the child has built and played with this toy....they can then go on and decontruct & build another 11X Other toys - using the same parts!  This keeps the childs attention for hours!

Ages 8+ for this one & Available & in-stock right now on our webstore for only $54.99: 12-in-1 Solar & Hydraulic Kit

3) Joystick Robot Arm

The is an excellent construction toy - where your child firstly builds up the Mechanical Arm.  Once built, this Arm operates just like a real crane arm on any real machinery on a construction site!  You can maneuver the Arm using the two Joysticks, to pick things up & move things around.  The Joystick Robot Arm is a great way of teaching children about control of mechanical equipment & is simply the best way to get them started, especially if they end up working or operating machinery, diggers, cranes, or have careers as engineers.

Ages 8+ for the Joystick Robot Arm.  Available right now on our webstore for only $109.99: Joystick Robot Arm


4) 6-in-1 Smart Vehicle Modular STEAM Kit

This unique toy actually comes with 6X Toys in one, which means that once once your child puts together the first toy (everything is included) they can then dis-assemble it & put together another 5 toys, so it's SIX TIMES the fun!
The different variations are:
- Airplane, Robot, Hover Vehicle, Drone, Offroad Vehicle with Tracks, & Race Car
One of the great thing is that central to everything is the "brain"  - which is central to all of the toys - so each one as the same advanced "AI Core" imbedded inside.  Each of the toys is also fully remote controlled using the included Remote.
The 6-in-1 Steam Kit is for 8+ children & is available right now for $159.99 from our webstore: 6-in-1 Modular Steam Kit


5) Machine Maker Junior Builder Individual 8" Earth moving Vehicles

Machine Maker from Nikko is a great earth-moving and contstruction play set that lets your child assemble most of the parts together, including the wheels.  It comes with everything needed to put the toy together including a plastic screwdriver!  Once the vehicle is assembled the toy can then be used either indoors or outdoors.  There are a number of different vehicle styles to choose from including: Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Excavator, Wheel Loader, and Skid Steer and is designed for children 3years & up.
Available & stock now on our webstore here for only $29.99: Machine Maker Earthmoving Vehicles


Also remember , if you hear the word STEAM or STEM & are a bit confused as to what this means - then here goes:

STEAM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Maths.
This means that any toy that is truley a STEAM Toy means that it is designed to teach children under at least one of these five areas.  The older term STEM just didn't include Arts...but which now has been added.

If you have any questions about STEAM, or which Educational Toy is going to be right for your child - then please get in contact with us, we are only to happy to help!

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