5 Surprisingly Useful Tech Gadgets for Outdoor Adventurers

5 Surprisingly Useful Tech Gadgets for Outdoor Adventurers

If you’re someone who loves adventuring outdoors, you’ll be delighted to learn about these outdoor tech gadgets and accessories.

These practical gadgets will greatly enhance your camping, biking, jogging, walking or hiking experiences!

So if you enjoy going out (whether on your own, or with family / friends), you should consider equipping yourself with one of these.


5. Charter New, Exciting Journeys With The Bike Tie Pro

Have you experienced the convenience of having a Smartphone Holder in your car – it lets you navigate GPS, listen to music or even make “hands-free” phone calls while driving?

With the Bike Tie Pro (by Bone Collection), you can experience the same convenience while riding your bike!

The Bike Tie Pro acts as a flexible, but secure widget that holds your Smartphone in place while riding your bike.

Here are some of the things you can do, once you have secured your Smartphone to your bike:

  • Use Apps like “Map My Ride” to keep a log of your cycling journey – you can even share your trips with friends by linking your route straight to social media!
  • Find new and exciting scenic cycling routes using Map My Ride Routes
  • Use Google Maps or Apple Maps to find the quickest route to your destination – this means you can cycle to more new destinations and get healthier, instead of driving there!
  • Track how many calories you’ve burned during your cycling trip by using Apps like Zeopoxa’s Bike Tracker
  • The Bike Tie Pro is made of shock-absorbing material, so you can rest-assured your Smartphone is safe
  • Easy to wash or clean because it’s made of environmentally-friendly, pollution-free silicon material

The possibilities are limitless – and the Bike Tie Pro will allow you to access all of your favourite apps while cycling.

If you have kids who love cycling, make sure you get them a set of the Bike Tie Pro as well!

The Bike Tie Pro comes in two versions:

  • Basic Bike Tie Pro only – recommended for casual cyclers who go for short rides
  • Bike Tie Pro Bone Power, 6700 – recommended for hardcore cyclers who love to go on long rides, because this version comes with a power bank to keep your Smartphone charged for hours and hours!


4. Early Morning Or Late Night Joggers Will Love These LED Beanies / Headbands

Joggers will be delighted to know that early morning or late night jogging sessions don’t have to be “quite-so-dark.”

The LED Beanie is perfect for keeping your head and ears warm during those chilly running sessions, while also lighting up your path.

On the other hand, the LED Headband is perfect for summer when the weather isn’t so cold.

It’s also convenient because:

  • The LED light is easily removable, allowing you to wash it
  • The LED light can be charged via USB, so you won’t have to replace any batteries!
  • Each fully-charged session gives you approximately 4 hours of 200 Lumens-powered light!
    • 1 Lumen is provides roughly 1 candle worth of light – so 200 Lumens is like having 200 candles light your way!
  • Weather-proof, so you can wear your Beanie / Headband on rainy days

There are three versions to choose from:

Take your pick and take it with you on your early morning or late night jogging sessions!


3. Capture Video Footage Of Your Underwater Adventures With The Liquid Image Hydra

If you’re feeling up to an underwater adventure, it would be a shame not to take video footage of your diving experience.

This will let you snorkel / dive hands-free, since the camera is built into the diving mask.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Liquid Image Hydra:

  • No need to worry about losing or “dropping” your camera while underwater
  • Record 720P Video (1280×720) at 30 fps with Audio
  • Capture underwater sea-life on video with the 120 degree Wide Angle lens
  • Buttons are easy to use while wearing diving gloves because they are “lever-style” buttons
  • Dive up to 40 Feet underwater with the Liquid Image Hydra

So if you have plans (or want to) on going diving or snorkelling over the weekend, definitely take the Liquid Image Hydra with you.


2. Take Aerial Video Footage Of Nature With A Drone

If you enjoy marvelling at the awesome scenery (in our very own backyard) in New Zealand, can you imagine how great it would look from an aerial view?

Rather than writing about it, we think a video will provide a better example of what we mean:

Example video from The Ghost Drone 2.0

If you’d like to take these drones with you on your next outdoor adventure, we have two recommendations for you:

  1. If you’re on a budget, we recommend trying the Tarantula Drone to get your feet wet
  2. If you want full-blown, HD video with VR capabilities and Smartphone camera integration, check out the Ghost Drone 2.0 (video footage above was for this model)

If you’re a complete beginner to drones, we’ve written up a Beginner’s Guide for you here.


1. Record Your Adventures With The 4K XiaoYi Action Camera (comparable to a GoPro Hero4!)

The 4K XiaoYi Action Camera has been called the “GoPro Killer” by some, due to its superb value for price that provides high-quality 4K video.

If you’re looking for a practical action camera that can weather the harsh environment of the outdoors and capture your best adventuring moments, the XiaoYi is for you.

If you don’t like to needlessly pay your hard-earned cash for inflated “Brand-Name” prices (like the GoPro), the XiaoYi is 4K action camerais definitely for you.


We hope this list gave some ideas on the great gadgets you can take with you on your next adventure.

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