7 Cool Tech Gadgets That’ll Keep You Entertained Even On A Rainy Day

7 Cool Tech Gadgets That’ll Keep You Entertained Even On A Rainy Day

With the rainy Winter season upon us, it sucks to be indoors with nothing to do.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 7 cool tech gadgets that’ll make it super fun to be indoors.

In fact, you might like some of these tech toys so much, you’ll prefer staying indoors even when the sun is out!

And if you have kids, you’ll be double happy about making sure they’re having fun (and not causing any trouble).

So without further ado, here’s the list of 7 Cool Tech Gadgets That’ll Keep You Entertained Even On A Rainy Day…


Cool Tech Gadget #1. Grand Xoopar 8”

Even though the Xoopar just seems like a weird-lookin’ kid with a big head, don’t let his looks fool you.

The Grand Xoopar packs some nifty features like 360 Degree sound quality and deep bass for music.

It’s able to connect to most iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets via bluetooth (and laptops too if it has bluetooth enabled) and can give a great sound experience when you’re watching movies or listening to your favourite beats.

It also lasts up to 9 hours per charge, so you can use it all day and not worry about the battery going flat on you!

It even features a handsfree speakerphone which allows you to listen to music in your car and take calls without endangering yourself or others.

The best way to use the Grand Xoopar on a rainy day is to turn up your favourite tunes or binge watch some good shows on Netflix.

The great acoustic sound quality of the Xoopar will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your music or your shows…

And ultimately will make the time fly by before you know it!

Check out the Grand Xoopar here.



Cool Tech Gadget #2. Measy 8-Core Media Player

The Measy 8-Core Media Player lets you play movies, videos and T.V. shows straight from your USB or phone!

It supports 4K TVs and connects via HDMI.

You can even make calls with Skype by connecting the Media Player with your TV!

So here’s what we recommend – grab your favourite movies or shows (in digital format) and move it over to a USB storage device.

Then grab some tasty snacks and something cool to wash it down with…

And then finally, get started on binge-watching your favourite shows or movies!

You won’t even care that it’s raining outside…

Check out the Measy 8-Core Media Player here.


Cool Tech Gadget #3. Palm HD Multimedia Player

The Palm HD Multimedia Player is a more budget-friendly version of the Measy 8-Core Media Player.

It’s processor isn’t as powerful and doesn’t support 4K video quality.

However, it does do the same thing in the sense that it plays movies, music and photos on your TV based from a USB storage device or SD card.

We pretty much recommend doing the same thing with the Palm HD Multimedia Player as the Measy one — get some good movies / shows onto USB, grab some snacks and start marathoning your favourite series!

Check out the Palm HD Multimedia Player.



Cool Tech Gadget #4. X-Rocker Vibe Gaming Chair – For Console Gamers

The X-Rocker Vibe Gaming Chair is the perfect companion for hardcore console gaming sessions.

It’s designed specifically for long gaming sessions, with the ability to rock back and forth (which is surprisingly fun to do by the way), and has a comfy cushioned headrest, back-support and armrests.

The kicker is, the X-Rocker Vibe comes with speakers and amp, built straight into the chair itself.

This helps with the immersion aspect and will make your favourite console games more fun and realistic than ever.

It even has a 3 Motor Vibration feature that rumbles, so you can feel like you’re “in” the game (if you’re an old school gamer, you’ll remember the days before console controllers had the rumble feature in them. In our opinion, the rumble feature really does help with immersion!)

The X-Rocker Vibe is also a perfect companion for doing movie marathons or watching TV shows back to back.

Check out the X-Rocker Vibe Gaming Chair here.



Cool Tech Gadget #5. X-Rocker Alpha Gaming Chair – For PC Gamers

X-Rocker Alpha is a gaming chair catered toward PC gamers. It’s built by the same people that made the X-Rocker Vibe (above) and has similar features.

The main difference being, you’ll be able to go on epic PC gaming sessions with this one.

So grab your favourite snacks and something fizzy to wash it down with… and start your gaming marathon now!

Check out the X-Rocker Alpha Gaming Chair here.



Cool Tech Gadget #6. Mini Skywalker – Indoor Drone

Usually drones are associated as outdoor toys… but with the Mini Skywalker, you can fly it indoors!

It’s also a perfect starter drone if you’re just learning how to fly one — but it’s also great fun to play with.

Because of its protective cage, it means you can fly it indoors without worrying about damaging the drone itself or other things around the house.

It’s an inexpensive little drone that’s a great entry into the wonderful world of drone piloting.

By the way, it even climbs walls and is surprisingly manoeuvrable!

Check out the Mini Skywalker here.



Cool Tech Gadget #7. Smart Rope Pure

You might be wondering — why is there a skipping rope on this list?

The Smart Rope Pure isn’t just any old skipping rope…

It’s a high-tech Smart Rope that does many things like:

  • Counting your number of skips
  • Measures calories burned
  • Provides HIIT training recommendations
  • Has an adjustable length

Also, 1 charge makes it last for 36 hours of activity, so it’s definitely not one of those annoying gadgets that need to be constantly recharged!

So if you can make some space around the house (maybe if you have some unused garage space?), you can make sure you stay fit even while indoors.

Check out the Smart Rope Pure here.

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