NEW TOYS Have Arrived in our Auckland Warehouse!

NEW TOYS have arrived in our Auckland Warehouse!

We have just received into our NZ warehouse the largest selection of toys, RC Cars & Offroaders, Robots & Educational Toys that we HAVE ever landed & interest is really strong!

Right now - you wont find a larger selection of top quality electronic and RC toys than Tech Outlet!

We are so excited to share with you many new lines that we now have instock.

Here are a couple of the latest ones:

New RC Excavator with Hydraulic System

This brand new 2021 toy RC Excavator is not like any normal RC Digger as it has a built-in Hydraulic Fluid simulator - where you can actually see the blue hydraulic fluid in the tank on the top of the excavator.  This also can provide educational benefit in helping children understand hydraulics and how they work!

The Excavator comes with wireless remote control giving you full ability to control the diggers movements.

The Excavator is only $119 & is available right now here: Buy Excavator 


Super Large Wheel RC Monster Truck

These are brand new for 2021 & come in three models in the range & come in three great designs with great Decals.

You can see from these images that they are the meanest looking offroad trucks around & not only that the big soft rubber tyres are made to help conquer whatever you throw at it!

The Trigger based remote control makes these racing trucks super easy to control as well.  Available right now for only $69 on our website: Buy Super Large Wheel Racing Truck HERE


Hydropower Remote Control Robot

We have a great selection of Toy RC Robots & a great example is the new Hydropower Robot which is already proving to be a massive hit with our customers.

The Hydropower Robot is another brand new toy for 2021.  This robot has all of the advanced features including walking, talking & you can even programme it to do custom actions! PLUS he also shoots missiles from his built-in gun.  He even moves his head from left to right & has big digital eyes that provide more facial expression. He is also a decent size standing at 38cm tall.

But his real super-power is that you can actually add water to his backpack reservoir to help power him up even more!

Hydropower robot is available now for $139 on our website: Buy Hydropower Robot here


Drawbot Mini Robot Friend - with Follow Function


The Little Drawbot robot is a super-hit with kiwi children right now, he is really quirky & also loads of fun but also has a drawing and educational/ steam element as it helps teach logical thinking & creativity.  Little Drawbot (which is fully electronic and runs around on little wheels underneath) comes with a black marker Pen in the packaging and this allows you to draw all sorts lines and drawings on a poster or blank piece of A4 paper.  Then you set Drawbot to work and he will actually FOLLOW the line you have just created using the little sensors on the underside of the robot.  Hours of fun & drawing - Drawbot is available here at a really good price of only $29.99!: Buy Drawbot

Drawbot educational toy robot



NIKKO VaporizR 3 Large size Offroad Super Buggy

Nikko Vaporizr 3 rc off-road  buggy

We also now have more stock of the very popular NIKKO Vaporizr 3 off-road RC buggy.  It’s quite large at 30cm long - so your child will really know they have something substantial when they open their gift!

The Vaporizr 3 is made to climb dirt, rocks, sand and even water like no other RC vehicle can & has the high quality construction that you would expect from a NIKKO Toy.  Vaporizr 3 is now on special at $129 (normally $149, so save $20!) Buy Vaporizr 3 here!

Nikko Vaporizr 3 rc buggy in box

We have hundreds of other great toys available and instock right now - so If you want to see our full selection - please go to our Main Toy Page: Main Toys Category  or do a search on the particular toy you are looking for!

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