Segway E8 Kids Scooter Review by Jane

Segway E8 Kids Scooter Review by Jane

I purchased an electric kick-scooter during lockdown for my son and thought i would write a review about my experiences.  He is 10 years old and for a while now he has been using a traditional push scooter with his mates and so this year he wanted to upgrade to an electric scooter.  Given the stresses that we have all been under with this COVID Lockdown that has been going on and on - this has also really effected the children we have found, so for his birthday this year we gave him a Segway E8 Electric kids scooter.

One of the things that we were a little worried about is not giving him a powered-up scooter, particularly because he is not a particularly large boy.  So after talking with the team at Tech Outlet for quite some time & backwards and forwards we finally settled on the Blue E8 because it was a little smaller than the others.

So on his birthday he got to open his new scooter & honestly his eyes were as big as dinner plates he was that excited!  Importantly if you purchase one of these scooters for your child, make sure you give it a good charge before letting them ride it for the first time.  Apparently it is better for the battery if you do this.  Also the product manual was in English so we could understand everything to help us get started.

The quality of build on this Segway is really good, and now after my son riding this for quite a while now the scooter is still performing just the same as when it came out of the box,

So in short - i can highly recommend this child's kickscooter




If you would like to learn more about the Segway E8 Kickscooter then please go to this link to the page on our website

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