Educational toys are Trending for 2021!

Educational toys are Trending for 2021!

With the issues around COVID in 2021 and constant disruption for children who are more often having to stay at home when they would normally be at school, one of the big things we are hearing from parents that we speak to, is they would love more activities and educational & STEAM toys to keep them occupied while at home.  

Aside from normal online school based lessons, there are numerous normal child & teenage distractions like Youtube, TikTok, & Playstation - however none of these really help to feed their minds & none of these are really tactile.

Luckily each year the educational toys (also called STEAM Toy or STEM Toys) become more advanced giving the child more ways to increase their engagement & education with these toys, yet at the same time having lots of fun in the meantime.

We think one of the best types of toys that can really engender the concepts of creativity, science and engineering are building kits, or construction kits.  From building block kits like LEGO which are always a hit with kids of all ages, there are also more advanced construction kits - which add a real fun & often mechanical aspect to the playtime once the kits have been actually put together.

One of the exciting new Construction kits we have for 2021 this year is the 5 IN 1 Build-up RC Car & Robot Kit.

As you can see from the image, the child can build up 5 different things, one by one, from an RC Racing Buggy, to several robots, to a snow-mobile.  Given there are five toys in one, means that the enjoyment can go on & on for your child because after building one toy - they then have to figure out how to build the next one!

The other great aspect here is that all of the toys are mechanical & radio controlled with the included Remote.  This means that the child can also have lots of fun actually getting their toy to function & drive around.  This in itself is really important for another reason - as it gives the child a sense of reward and accomplishment after building the toy in the first place & therefore instills the idea of getting their own reward after putting in the hard work - a great life skill for everyone to learn! Only $129.99 and instock now! The 5 in 1 RC Car & Robot set is available right now (Click here)


The Spiral Spring Robot is another brand new toy for 2021 & this brand of construction toys is well proven & successful each year & they are forever coming out with great toys each year!

The Spiral Spring Robot is a 3 IN 1 Toy, meaning that the child can build Three different models from the same construction pieces.

This kit allows the child to separately build: a Car, a Robot, and a very cool Timer. All of these toys have a mechanical aspect to them and all of them have working parts that move as the toy moves.  One of the most intriguing things about this toy - is that you can actually see the working gears inside the toy, just as you would with an expensive gear base clock or FOB Watch.

The toy itself is spring powered, so get each toy working you would wind up the spring & then off it goes! The timer toy is really interesting because the child can use the timer to time all sorts of activities in his or her daily life from tying their shoe-laces, to making a sandwich!  We haven't seen any toy quite like this one in the past.  Currently a super price of only $55 and we have this instock right now, Click here for more information on the Spiral Spring Robot set


Another Great Educational Toy this year is the Machine Maker Construction Site construction toy set - made by one of the largest Toy Vehicle manufacturers in the world - Nikko Toys.  If you want to introduce your child to Push & Play Construction Toys, mechanics and engineering then this is really a good set to look at.

You can choose from three different vehicle sets - Excavator, Dump Truck and Bulldozer.  As you can see in the image above, the sets come with different accessories including a small worker character, an additional piece of machinery and also a screw-driver.

The great thing is that your child and construct and deconstruct the toy themselves by screwing and unscrewing parts of the play set including the wheels and the machinery.

The size of the vehicle is 8" long and is available right now at a great price on our website of $49.99, Click here: Machine Maker Construction Site

Be sure to check out FULL 2021 Christmas Range of Educational and STEAM Range of Toys (which we have ALL currently instock) - to get your children's brains active & engaged - Click here!






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