Black Friday is here - Get into the big savings on offer!

Black Friday is here - Get into the big savings on offer right now!

After Months of lead-up we are finally at at the BIG DAY (No not Christmas), annual Black Friday is now here & we have dived right into things this year with some very special savings right across our range, from Toys to Electric Scooters, to Drones to Bluetooth speakers - there is something there for anyone's taste & all at savings you would want to miss.

Here is a quick selection of just a few of the many Deals!:

 The F30 Electric Scooter is the newest model from one of the most well known global manufacturers around.  It has a great power output of 300W & comes with large 10" tires which makes it great for smoothing out those potholes.  It has upto 30km range (depending on weight and speed) which is really gives you confidence when out riding.

The Segway is instock right now from Tech Outlet & Available at this special price of $899 (save $300) : CLICK HERE

We have a great package deal on the high quality & well built Kids Balance Bike - the AIRO.  HORNIT is the UK Manufacturer of the bike and every part of this children's bike sings quality including strong welds & great little touches like a soft neoprene handlebar cover - just in case your little one bangs there head on the handle bar.


One of the coolest things about the AIRO is the Magnesium Alloy frame which makes it quite literally the lightest balance bike in the world.

Right now we are giving away a Mini Hornit NANO Bike Horn & Bell that can easily be mounted onto the bike within seconds. 

This is a great accessory to the balance bike and it will give your child hours of entertainment with the funny horn sounds that the can make by pushing the button.  They can select from 15x funny sounds including Racing Car, Burp, Fart, Police Car, Magic Spell & more!

HORNIT AIRO is available right now : CLICK HERE


 The Adorable BABE Children's Night Light is a must have around any children's bedside or crib. 


It give a warm glow when on and illuminates the room with a farmyard Silhouette when on.  The Colours can easily be changed to your childs liking and one of the great features about BABE is that it is soft touch, meaning your child can turn it on and off themselves by simply touching the top.  This also working well in low lit bed-time environments where they can just touch the top of the light to get it to turn off.  Available now on our website for the super special price of $49 (normally $79), and make a great Christmas gift for anyone with young children CLICK HERE TO BUY

If you are wanting a handy little gift that doesn't cost the earth then take a look at The HUG BOOSTER. 

Hug Booster is a small little device that hangs off your key chain.  On one end it has a USB Connector and the other end has a Mini USB or Apple Lightning connector (you can change that end depending on your phone) - so it caters for most people.  This means that you can connect your phone quickly and easily with your computer or other charging devices.  The Hug Booster even has an emergency Power bank built-in, meaning that if you are out and your phone runs out of battery you can at least give your phone a small charge to get you going again!  Hug Booster comes in lots of great colours so you can choose the colour you like! is available right now for the special price of only $9.99 (normally $39). CLICK HERE TO BUY

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