New Segway Electric Scooters arrive in this week!

New Segway Electric Scooters arrive in this week!

Very exciting! We have a big new shipment of Segway electric scooters arriving into our our shop this coming week! 

You may have heard about all the global shipping delays in the news and unfortunately we were also effected by this, with the shipment expected to be here by now, however great things come to those who wait & so we are happy to let you know that our shipment is here!

In this delivery we have a full range of Segway Electric Kickscooter models arriving.  We have the very popular kids models (the Segway E8 & E10) which so far have been a real hit with customers so far this season - yes we will have both the Segway E8 in BLUE and also in PINK along with the slightly largely Segway E10 which is a great electric scooter for teens & pre-teens.  We have the the Segway E45 with it's additional battery and increased range - meaning it is really good for those looking for a commuter scooter that is still very light and portable & and probably our most popular Segway model is back in stock - the Segway MAX Scooter, which is known for its tough and rugged design but also its really good range.  This has to be the most popular Segway model of 2021 globally.

We also have new stock of the Segway ES2 scooter just arrived in & this model is likely to be a real hit for summer as it weighs only 12.5KG and yet has great 300W of power for climbing up hills with a top speed of 25 kph and 25km of range.  Best of all we have a really good discounted price of only $799!

And finally we have the new Segway F Series Scooters on their way next week.  These are the new models from Segway & sport a new and modern design with a tubular frame style, much different from the previous E-Series & MAX Style of scooters.  There are three model in the new Segway F Series range including the F20A (the base model), and the F30, and the F40.  The most significant difference between the three is the power output, where the F20A has 250W rated power, the F30 has 300W, and the F40 has 350W of power.  We are already getting great Pre-orders for the new models, so these models are sure to sell-out fast.

Check out the full range of Segway Electric Kickscooter models on our website now - you wont find a bigger range of Segway than here at Tech Outlet: Full Segway Range


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