New Drone Technology is coming...

New Drone Technology is coming...

We are very excited to announce that we soon by stocking one of the most ground breaking new drone brands on the market right now!

The new FLYPIE range sure packs a punch - boasting a 1" Sony Sensor on their 6K PRO model, upto 45 minute flight time on both the 4K & 6K PRO models, and upto 10km range!

the FLYPIE range come with all the usual features you would expect in a high-end drone like 3-Axis stabilized gimbal for buttery smooth video & Good APP for both your iPhone (IOS) and Android devices.

Both the 4K PRO & 6K PRO models come in a Matt Black Finish with Bright red detailing, making for an incredibly stunning colour scheme.  The drone itself has a unique shape with folding arms & folding props making it very compact for packing away.

At last DJI has a strong competitor, PLUS you will be pleasantly surprised about the price!  If you are keen to get one of these weapons  - we have a limited number of units coming in shortly, so place your order with us now.

Read more about the FLYPIE 6K PRO right here !

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