Review of the Boogie Board SYNC E-Writer

Review of the Boogie Board SYNC E-Writer

I have now owned the Boogie Board E-Writer for about three months and when speaking to the team at Tech Outlet recently, they asked whether I would be interested in putting together a short review on what I personally thought of the product.

I was happy to oblige and give me thoughts on this unique product, especially if it can helps others who are looking at e-writers and products that can replace the traditional notepads.

The Boogie Board Sync is a very thin Notetaker and digital notepad, and you write on the large flat surface with the included pen. As long as the Boogie Board is Switched on, when you go to write notes (i made this mistake early on) - you can simply hit the save button & your notes will be instantly saved & then also sent to your smart phone!

Once you have written a page, you save your work & then can hit delete to start a brand new page, etc etc.  Unlike a normal paper pad, with the Sync you work page-by-page and save each one as you go.

The surface of the pad when you write on it with the included pen is very smooth but at the same time has a kind-of matt finish, meaning that it really does feel similar to pen-on-paper.  Which is great because it feels much more natural than writing on the ultra smooth tablets (i have used the Apple IPAD), which really doesn't feel half as good as writing on the Sync.

Also the pen is just a source of pressure & you can really use anything similar as long as you don't scratch the surface.

So i have used the Sync now for about three months & after this amount of time, a couple of things that I really want to mention.  The first is that the Sync is incredibly robust. I have already dropped it several times inside and there are no obvious signs of damage & it still works perfectly.  No doubt a tablet would NOT stand up to the same abuse...  The second thing is that the ultra-thin design of the Sync makes this a great note-taker when going into meetings.  It just looks so much more modern & professional than taking a large compendium or notebook into meetings, and I often get compliments on it.

Anyway, that is my review of the Boogie Board Sync E-Writer.  I can personally say that I am really pleased that i purchased it as it has made my life so much easier.

Here is a link to the product page on Tech Outlet if you are interested: Boogie Board Sync

thanks,  Sarah


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