Top 3 Electric Scooters for 2021 : The Review

Top 3 Electric Scooters for 2022 - Product Review

There are a huge number of Electric Scooters on the market in New Zealand, and so if you are looking to buy one this summer it can be all a bit daunting especially with so many brands out there.

Rule of thumb with electric scooters - always stick to the known brands, for a very good reason. Quality of construction & manufacture, modern designs, and hopefully good after-sales support if you ever need it.

We understand electric scooters very well, so have put together our list of the top 3 electric scooters for 2021 - as chosen by our staff with years of experience using all sorts of different brands, so here goes!

#3 The Segway F40 Electric Scooter

Segway f40 electric scooter

The Segway F40 is the latest model from Segway & it really does not disappoint!  It uses a brand new design & is very different from the E-Series or MAX Style of scooter.  It uses a new tubular frame technology which means the scooters is very sturdy and strong & at the same time is super lightweight.  Although the F40 has not been around for long it is already making huge waves & is in high demand.  it comes with a powerful 350W motor which means it is able to tackle most hills relatively well.  It has a massive range of upto 40km and top speed of upto 30 kph.  All this for a pretty good price of $1299.  The Segway F Series scooters & in particular the F40 look set to be one of the most popular models of 2022.  You can purchase it here right now.

#2: The Segway G30 MAX Electric Scooter

Segway Max electric scooter

This scooter has to be the most popular Segway Electric Scooter globally & for very good reason - well built & excellent range.  It will transport the rider upto a massive 65km! The Max simply goes and goes and doesn't stop!  The other really unique features of the MAX is that it doesn't require a power brick to charge it - simply just a standard wall cable.  This makes a huge difference if you only have to carry around a small wall cable rather than a bulky power brick & it makes it easy to charge anywhere & anytime you are out and away from home.
The Segway G30 MAX is available right now on our website at a special price: Segway Max On Sale here!

#1: The Segway E22 Electric Scooter

Segway ES2 Electric Scooter
The Segway E22 has to be the best deal this summer & its clear why we have placed this scooter at Number 1.  The E22 has a great mix of portability, power, and price.  It excels in all these three areas.  Firstly the E22 is only 13.5KG making it one of the lightest scooters across any brand.  This makes it excellent for transporting in cars, or getting into elevators at work.  At the same time, the E22 has really good Power of 300W and this is really important if there are any hills around.  Another awesome feature is that the wheels of the E22 are solid - meaning that you aren't going to get flat tires.  Flat tires are something that really bug people especially when you least expect or need it, ie. your running late to work - so with Solid tires it takes away all of this! It also has good range at 21 KM.

Finally the price of the ES2 is really good also. Normally $899 we are currently selling the E22 for only $829 on our website Segway E22


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