Our Top Selling Toys so far for 2022 !

Our Top Selling Toys so far for 2022 !

We thought we would give you a quick run-down of the top HOTTEST toys so far - as we run up to Christmas 2022.

Here are our TOP 3!

#3: NIKKO VaporizR 3 Amphibious Offroad RC Buggy

The VaporizR 3 is one of the best built off road RC Buggies that we have seen.  It will handle all different types of terrain & even water.  If you are looking for an RC Toy that will handle a bit of rough outdoor play & still generally keep on ticking - then this is a good one to look at.  The VaporizR 3 is available right now & is on sale: VaporizR 3 XT RC Offroader

#2: Ironman Robot

Ironman Robot provides your own real-live advanced Robot.  Loaded with features such as advanced programming, sensors such as gyroscope and infra red, and many APP Features (Android Only) straight out of the Avengers Movies - makes UBTech Ironman one of a kind!  Available here: UBTech Ironman

 #1 Boogie Board Magic Sketch

Boogie Board Magic Sketch

Boogie Board Magic Sketch is an Educational E-Writer made just for Kids!  This hugely popular writing pad (and STEM Toy) lets kids get really creative and put together all sorts of drawings and tracings, and the "Colour Burst" technology adds some colourful flair into every design!  The Magic Sketch comes with fun writing tools that help create patterns on the writing surface, and unlike paper each design can be erased at the price of a button - to start all over again!  Magic Sketch is available here!

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